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Prompt: If you already haven't done this, then write something about the first time Sirius held Harry, please :)


short and poopy. I hope this is okay. haha

The flames flash green, and James Potter leaps back as something gray and big tumbles out of the fireplace. Rolling to a stop in the middle of the now-ashy rug, Sirius Black looks up at his friend, who offers a hand. Sirius takes it, standing up to blow flecks off his shoulder.

“You bloody sca-”


“You were on an Order mission, mate, I can’t just-”


“He’s my ch-” James starts, but it’s lost on Sirius.

“Boy or Girl,” he demands.


Sirius gives a whoop, enthusiastically clapping the exhausted James on the shoulder. James stumbles a little, but Sirius doesn’t notice.

“Padfoot!” A voice calls from the next room then, hearing the commotion in the living room. Sirius’s head snaps to the hallway.

“BABE!” he hollers, and he’s off sprinting. James follows, almost crashing into him as he turns a sharp corner and pulls up at the doorway.

Lily is sitting up in her bed, her red hair pulled up into a loose bun. The midwife has left, and she sits alone in the room, cradling a small bundle to her chest. Sirius can’t see much from where he stands, but he notices the tuft of black hair sticking straight up from the blankets. He makes his way to the foot of the bed.

“Six hours, I heard?”

“As bad as the Cruciatus,” Lily smiles weakly. James goes to stand beside her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Lily touches his cheek lightly in return.

The room is silent for a moment, and then the baby stirs.

“C’mere,” James waves Sirius over, who tiptoes to the bedside. With a nod of encouragement from Lily, he peers down into the wrinkly face of a James Potter in miniature.

“He’s called Harry.” Lily offers him to Sirius, who jumps back.

“I can’t…”

“You’re fine. I held him, and he’s still on one piece, in’he?” James laughs.

Sirius’s hands tremble a little as he holds his best mate’s child, carefully tucking the head into the crook of his elbow. He bites his lip in concentration as he pulls the blanket away from the baby’s face.

Sirius hated babies. They were loud, they were messy, and Andromeda’s kid puking all over him that one time was more than he could stand in a lifetime. But here he is, holding this wee thing, and he feels a prickle at his nose.

“Sirius, are- hold on, are you crying?”

“No,” he says too quickly, blinking a few times for good measure. Lily raises her brows at him, which he pointedly ignores, bobbing his knees as Harry’s eyes scrunched.

James clears his throat. “We, er… mate, we were wondering if…”

The baby yawns and Sirius holds him tighter, stifling one himself. Sirius had to marvel. Harry even had a tiny tounge.

“…Did you hear what I just said?”

“Sorry?” Sirius looks up at the expectant James.

“We want you to be godfather.”

Sirius Black had killed all his pot plants to date, even the cactus that James’d given him for his twelfth birthday. He hadn’t grown up with many children so he didn’t know how they functioned. He certainly didn’t know how to take care of other people, let alone himself. But he looks into the little sleeping face, at the tiny button nose and thin arches of eyebrows, and he knew that if anything, he was fighting this war for this little child right here. Harry Potter.

Sirius looks up, a small smile on his lips, and he nods.

“I’d be honoured.”

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